We Will Present Our Exhibition In English

Laqif Abdurrahman Haris

  Judul: Koi Farming Central Idea: Koi Farming Line of Inquiry: 1. How to spawn koi fish 2. How to different male and female Key Concept […]

Reyhan Sean Pratama

Judul: Plant Cultivation with Aquaponic Central Idea: Aquaponic role as an alternative way to gardening in a narrow land Line of Inquiry: 1. Aquaponic definition 2. […]

Arrhama Zeubay Prastama

Judul: Mobil dan Manusia Central Idea: Perkembangan mobil dari waktu ke waktu disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan manusia Line of Inquiry: 1. Perkembangan mobil 2. Hubungan antara mobil […]