We Will Present Our Exhibition In English

Khevien Hood Dhewantara

  TITLE Holograms Usage and Its Responsibility Central Idea: Types, functions, and responsibilities in the use of holograms in society Line of Inquiry: 1. Types of […]

Adli Damareski Wahyudi

  Judul: How to make Eco Enzyme from orange peel and benefit Eco Enzyme Central Idea: Eco Enzyme to prevent global warming for home Line of […]

Zharifa Laduna Faiza

  TITLE: Diecast Investment CENTRAL IDEA: Through diecast collections, we turn hobbies into businesses and investments LINE OF INQUIRY: 1. Get to know Diecast more deeply […]

Amira Qonita Safaraz

  Judul: Diversion with Robot for Better Future. Central Idea: Maze solving can be used play game in order to avoid the over use of gadget. […]

Ahmad Yahya Husaini

  Title: The Miracle Of Womb Central Idea: Fostering awareness of the health of female reproductive organs by knowing the uniqueness and miracles of womb Line […]

Aulia Ramadhani

  Judul: People’s Perspective on the Pandemic Central Idea: The way people respond to a pandemic affects their well-being Line of Inquiry: 1. How do we […]

Maliha Zakiyya Arifa

  Title: Happy & Caring with Reading Central Idea: We fostering caring and reach well being through reading activity Line of Inquiry: 1. Kind of reading […]

Muhammad Rafa Al Fatih

  Title: Reciting Al Qur’an and body health Central Idea: The impact of reciting Al Qur’an on the body health Line of Inquiry: 1. Medical review […]

Athara Vito Pradipta

  TITLE: Rising the Rooster CENTRAL IDEA: With the correct technique of raising roosters, we develop a sense of responsibility and self-regulation skills LINE OF INQUIRY: […]

Azfa Fatiha Ali

  Judul: Pantomime Central Idea: The form of body Art with Educational Value Line of Inquiry: 1. The history of pantomime 2. Tips on playing pantomime […]

Laqif Abdurrahman Haris

  TITLE: Koi Farming CENTRAL IDEA: Through koi fish farming we develop research and self-management skills LINE OF INQUIRY: 1. How to cultivate Koi fish 2. […]

Reyhan Sean Pratama

  Judul: Plant Cultivation with Aquaponic Central Idea: Aquaponic role as an alternative way to gardening in a narrow land Line of Inquiry: 1. Aquaponic definition […]